sws seceuroguard 1000 highly unobtrusive security grille offering high vision
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seceuroguard 1000 security grille installed in an office

SeceuroGuard 1000 Rectractable Security Gates

The SeceuroGuard 1000 is an unobstrusive retractable security grille designed to keep intruders out whilst allowing a large amount of natural sunlight. This makes the SeceuroGuard 1000 ideal for both domestic and commercial applications and being retractable, they are easily pushed aside to the point that they are unnoticeable - there is also a hinge-aside option which allows the stacked security grille to swing away from the opening.

The SeceuroGuard 1000 can be installed on both windows and doors - either retractable or static - to offer a neat yet effective form of strong physical security.

It has both a top and bottom rail system to offer a smooth running carrier process. The bottom track is available folding to lift clear of the opening. This is important to offer unhindered access when used as a doorway and french windows.

The SeceuroGuard 1000 is available with a high grade steel lattice options - crossed X lattice as standard and an S lattice as an option. 

Recommended Use

The SeceuroGuard 1000 is a highly secure and durable steel grille construction. It possesses a very agile system and can be custom built to any size.

Samson Shutters recommends this security grille for the following applications:

Medium to High Security Domestic

- Rural Homes
- Vulnerable Houses

Commercial & Retail

- Medium Security Shops

How To Measure

When carrying out a survey for retractable security grilles the following steps will help to ensure that each security gate will fit the opening. Wherever possible the following notes should be used in conjunction with the SeceuroGuard technical brochure.

General Points To Consider:
• We recommend that wherever possible retractable security gates are fitted internally to enhance the security and ease of operation.
• Where an external installation is desirable, the insurance approved SeceuroGuard 1001 is the most suitable option. We recommend that all externally fitted gates should be ordered in a dark colour as some corrosion will appear over a period.
• Always check what material has been used in the construction of the opening. This is essential when fitting an LPCB approved product. Fixing into plasterboard or Thermalite block is not acceptable.
• Please be mindful that SeceuroGuard gates weigh 19kgs per square meter and as such require a very strong, secure fixing for the top track.
Although not an option on the LPCB approved SeceuroGuard 1001, it is possible to make SeceuroGuard 1000 bottom running to channel some of the weight through the bottom track.
• Will the gate catch on anything that protrudes from the window or surround (i.e. handles)?
• If the window / door opens inwards, will it still open after the gate is installed? If not a face fit installation may be appropriate.
• Are the walls level inside the opening? It is advisable to use a good spirit level on surveys to satisfy yourself of possible uneven surfaces
• Consider the size and side of the gate’s sash or whether a bi-parting system is a better option.
• If fitting in or around a doorway, we recommend the use of folding or removable bottom tracks from a health and safety and practical point of view.
• Where access is required at both side(s) of an opening, consider opting for a floating sash.
• Where fixed security is required, SeceuroGuard 1000 & 1001 can be manufactured as fixed panels.This option is particularly useful for protecting low height apertures.
• You must take into consideration during your measuring that SeceuroGuard’s which are different sizes, on the same elevation may contain different numbers of lattices and pickets. See the tables showing the changeover points lower down.

seceuroguard 1000 safety security grilleReveal Installation Details
• Will the gate’s sashes obscure more of the window than you are prepared to accept? If so a face fit installation may be appropriate.
• Always measure the top, middles and bottom within the window reveal.
• Always work to the smaller size and if appropriate use packers to ensure the gate is square in the aperture.
• For the height, measure from cill or floor to the underside of the opening and deduct a 5mm for tolerance.

Face Installation Details
• When face fixing - is the wall flat? Look out for uneven plasterwork that might catch on the gate’s sashes as they slide open. It is still possible to install a gate under these circumstances by packing it off the wall to achieve adequate clearance.
• When pricing please remember to add on the width of the gates sashes and add the cost of a fixing frame.
• A standard fixing frame kit comprises one 20mm high ‘C’ section that comes attached to the top track. This is suitable for doorways
• When face fitting around a window, it is advisable to order an additional length of ‘C’ section that is attached to the bottom
track in our factory. If you require this ‘C’ section for face fixing the bottom track you must specify this in the special requirements section of the order form.