sws seceuroshield logo with samson security shutters

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SeceuroShield 38

SeceuroShield 3801

SeceuroShield 60

SeceuroShield 75

SeceuroShield 7501

SeceuroShield 77

SeceuroGuard 1000

SeceuroGuard 1001

SeceuroShield 150

SeceuroVision 38

SeceuroVision 75

SeceuroVision 800

SeceuroVision 900


The SWS UK Security Shutter range has been developed to provide an architecturally acceptable answer to the growing need for vandalism and burglary protection on domestic and commercial property. SeceuroShield is pleased to be the most comprehensive range of shutters available within the physical security industry.

The emphasis behind their range of shutter designs is on integration into your building and way of life; unobtrusive, attractive and easy to use. Proudly manufactured in the UK and installed to complement the look of the building. SeceuroShield products ensure they are effective and secure in daily use.

Investing in SeceuroShield means you are investing in:

  • UK designed, manufactured and assembled products
  • A selection of products tested to LPCB Level 1
  • A choice of built-in and built-on products
  • Wide choice of colour and finishes including graphics to make the shutter unique
  • Choice of operating functions both manual and electric
  • Approved local distributors offering onsite expertise and installation
  • A peace of mind warranty
  • A name you can trust with all products CE marked and compliant with the latest European product directives







tidy neat low visual image seceuroshield 3801 for commercial office use


seceuroshield 6000 shopfront security roller shutter electrically operated


sws seceuroshield 7500 built behind opening for insurance approved rating


seceuroshield 7501 security shutter


multi purpose seceuroshield 7700
sws seceuroguard logo with samson security shutters 


seceuroguard 1000 high security retractable security grilles for home and office use


insurance approved police preferred seceuroguard 1001 for shopfronts, homes, retail outlets, office spaces and more


sws seceuroguard lightweight security shutters for bar servery, pubs, servery hatches


sws seceurovision 3800 available both with solid and perforated slats for extra vision and security


sws seceurovision 7500 ideal for high vision shopfront shutters and retail outlets


high vision sws seceurovision 8000 ideal for hairdressers, opticians, holiday companies and other shops with high detail window displays


sws seceurovision 9000 for reception desks and areas in need of high levels of ventilation and fresh air


sws seceurobar removable window bars with high vision and high security ideal for office use