seceuroshield 6000 in purple with canopy cover installed on a commercial office buildingSeceuroShield 6000

The SeceuroShield 6000 is the perfect business security shutter. It is suitable for protecting high value stock in high security shopfronts and guarding expensive equipment in vulnerable office blocks.

The SeceuroShield 6000 can be powder coated in a large range of colours to allow it to feature the brand colours of your business and stand out amongst the crowd.

The SeceuroShield 6000, which uses a 55mm deep profiled double wall extruded aluminium slat, has 2 different operation types; Spring & Lock or Electrical. When used with a Spring & Lock operating system, the SeceuroShield 6000 has a maximum width of 4000mm and a maximum width of 2800mm. When used with an Electrical operation, the maximum width is 6000mm and the maximum height is 5000mm.

Recommended Use

At Samson we are very experienced and know our products very well, and like to offer our recommendations for their use. We recommend that the SeceuroShield 6000 is used on the following applications: 


- Ranging from small corner shop to large department store.

Commercial Applications:

- Vulnerable Office Space
- Showrooms


When measuring for a SeceuroShield 3800, it is important to take into consideration various things to make sure the shutter will fit the opening. It is very important to take into account the following:

- Application/Level of Security Required
- Location and Access (is this the only point of escape? fire exit?) 
- Number of People Who Will Be Operating This Shutter
- Planning Restrictions/Requirements/Permission
- Budget
- Aesthetics

We are always readily available to offer advice on the most suitable product for your requirements. Do not hesitate to call us on 0800 328 6250 or email us.

Below are a few tips to analyse when measuring your shutter:

- Will the shutter catch on anything that protrudes past the brick line (e.g. handles? fixments?)
- If the window/door opens outwards, will it still open after the shutter is installed?
- Do not forget: The bottom slat will hang down at least 50mm below the box.
- Has the shutter got a cill to close onto or will cill angle be required?
- Are the walls level both inside and outside?
- Always measure the top, middle and bottom within the window reveal. This is to gain a truely accurate measurement.
- Ensure that there is sufficient room for the shutter box and guide rails.
- Decide which would be the best side for the operator to be on. If electrically operated, we recommend it is situated near a suitable power supply.
- Make sure there is nothing which may prevent the sweep of a rod crank or geared belt during operator.
- Note the thickness of the walls; walls over 300mm thick will require an extension bar for crank operated shutters or manual override handles.
- If the shutter is for a doorway, is the floor level?

Technical Specification



Description: CD60 is a double skin extruded aluminium non-vented slat.
Common Use: High security on office, commercial and retail premises.
Dimensions: Nominally 55mm high x 14mm thick.
Weight: 9kg per square metre.
Stock Colours: White or Brown. Bottom slat - White or Dark Brown.


Min Width: 500mm
Max Width x Height  3000mm x 4000mm
Max Area: 8sqm
Material: Insulated Rolled Aluminium / 4.5kg/m²
seceuroshield 6000 55mm deep profiled double wall extruded aluminium slat


Construction: Roll formed aluminium in two sections; top and bottom boxes. Bottom box removable for installation and maintenance and chamfered at 45°.
Box Ends: The shutterbox is assembled on die cast aluminium endplates.
Box Sizes: Clear opening height (to underside of box)
1595mm, box size 205mm
2750mm, box size 250mm
2900mm, box size 300mm
Stock Colours:

White or Dark Brown. The CD60 shutters can be powder coated to alternative standard RAL or BS colours at extra cost and, should this be required, we would be pleased to prepare a quotation



Operation: By tubular motor inside the axle.
Motors: Draw 240 volts and 0.5 - 2.5 amps dependant upon the shutter size. Complete with integral limit switches, thermal cut-out to prevent overheating and 2 metres of cable for connection.
Control: By momentary switch which must be held until the shutter reaches the desired position.