SeceuroGuard 1001 installed on interior windowSeceuroGuard 1001

The SeceuroGuard 1001 is a Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) certified and Police preferred security shutter. Armed with a recognisably distinctive and traditional design, the SeceuroGuard 1001 ideal for commercial and residential premises.

The SeceuroGuard 1001 has an added level of structural strength due to the specially designed lattice system using high grade steel inter-screws patented by SWS. The design of the lattice allows for a high level of security whilst offering large levels of natural light to burst into and light up the interior of a building - something that can't be achieved with a security shutter.  

Recommended Use 

The SeceuroGuard 1001 is a highly secure insurance-approved shutter suitable for the home or the workplace.

SeceuroGuard 1001 installed behind arched window